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Feature Index

1. Sales Features

1.1 Sales Types

a. Buy Now

b. Make Offer

c. OBO (Or Best Offer)

d. Auction

i. Standard Auctions
- Listed domain names can be put in standard auction whenever the seller wishes.
- When a domain name receives an offer, seller can put it in standard auction starting from the current offer if the buyer also accepts the auction. For this auction process, the seller makes a counter offer and in this way, the buyer is offered three options as;
a) accepting this counter offer made by the seller,
b) accepting the domain name to be put in auction starting from the offer he/she has made. During the auction, if no higher bid is made, he/she will be the winner.
c) rejecting the counter offer made by the seller and making another counter offer or cancelling the negotiation process.

ii. Themed Auctions
Moderators can add multiple auction themes for a period of time. Users can apply for a selected themed auction by making payment. After the payment, if a moderator approves the application, domain name will be listed in that themed auction.

iii. Expiring Auctions
Sellers can put their domain names into “Expiring Auctions” in case the time to expiring date is less than 30 days. The application for this auction is free.

1.2 For-Sale Landing & Parking Pages

By arranging NS (nameserver) settings of domain names as ns1.domainpanda.com and ns2.domainpanda.com, the domain name will be directed to our sales page

a. Seller Phone Number can be displayed on sales pages

b. Online Live chat program (Tawk.to) enables the seller and buyer to chat if the seller activates it.

c. Setting the view of sales pages

1.3 Minimum Offer Limit

2. Escrow.com Integration for Domain Name Payments

Escrow.com service is fully integrated via API and the cost of Escrow service is paid by the seller.

3. Transfer Assistance Service

This service is optional and costs $ 50 per transaction. The service fee is paid by the party demanding it. Transfer assistance service includes the assistance to buyer and seller during all the transfer process.

4. Saleable Products

a. Auction Application

Auction reserve price can be arranged in Standard and Themed Auctions. This reserve price can be displayed as directly or price range. Also, auction ending day and time is set by the seller in application process.

b. Sales Accelerators

i. Newsletter Promotion
ii. Showcase Listing
iii. Category Priority Listing
iv. Highlighted Listing
v. Bold Listing

5. Watchlists

a. Domain Monitoring
Users get instant notifications when selected domain names are updated as: price decreasing, setting “Buy Now” price, putting the domain names in auction and that the seller starting a negotiation with another buyer.
b. Keyword Monitoring
Users can watch keywords by choosing domain extensions and price range and get notification emails of new added domain names

6. Notifications

DomainPanda Telegram Bot (v.1) is sent when a new offer is received.

7. Weekly Community Newsletter

a. General announcements
b. Domain names in the auction that have received bid
c. Top 10 domain names with traffic
d. Domain name newsletter promotions
e. Showcase domain names list

8. Follow-up E-mails for Buyers

The reminder e-mails prepared in different formats are periodically sent to buyers who have been interested in the domain name before. In addition to this, notification e-mails are automatically sent to previous bidders of a domain name when:
a. “Buy Now” sales option is set as sales type
b. The sale price is discounted
c. The domain name is put in auction

9. Reputation System

Users are given points on successful and failed transactions, transfers etc.

10. Saved Search Pages

By using search filters, users can make searches and save these search pages that can be reached again from dashboard. Saved search page notification features can be arranged as:
a. Notify daily / Notify daily in case there are new results
b. RSS feed

11. Account Profile Page

a. Phone number and email verification status
b. Membership period
c. Country
d. Buyer / Seller Score
Buyer and Seller scores are determined as +1 points for each successful purchase and sale, and -1 points for any unsuccessful trading (not to make a payment for an agreed domain name as a buyer or not to deliver the paid domain name as a seller)
e. Response rate
f. Average response time

12. Domain Name Portfolio Management

a. Dividing the portfolio into sub-portfolios
b. Main portfolio URL
c. Portfolio-specific URL

13. Bulk Listing Update

14. Domain Name Ownership Approval Options

a. Change in name servers (ns1.domainpanda.com and ns2.domainpanda.com)
b. Change in DNS record
c. Whois query
i. E-mail
ii. Phone
d. Manual listing

15. Category Options

16. Domain Name Description for Listing Pages

Descriptions are automatically published without any approval process.

17. E-mail Subscription Settings

18. GDPR procedures: You can do the following operations at any time

a. Account backup
b. Account freezing
c. Account deleting

19. Sales Banned Domain Names & Sales Banned Domain Name Control Page

- Undelivered to the buyer domain names are banned from the platform for 1 year.
- The domain names that received "shill bidding" are banned from the platform for 1 year
- All domain names of the account holder who has the habit of making "shill bidding" are banned for 1 year.

For information on how we use your data under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), visit: Data Privacy